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The flagship publication of the CSPS is the CQ, which  it has published continually since 1972. We accept poems literally from around the world. Submissions can be made through this page of the website or sent to our post office box. Requirements for the submissions are the following:

        • Name, address, telephone number, and email address, on each page of your submission
        • One-page poems are best, but an 80-line (two-page) maximum in any case
        • Either email address or a SASE with sufficient US postage (whether domestic or foreign) for requested response(s) if you mail your submission and don't provide an email address in your contact information
        • No biographies or résumés, as only the poems are judged
        • The poems must be the original, unpublished work of the poet
        • Foreign language poems with translations are encouraged
        • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please notify us at once if your submission is accepted for publication elsewhere

Poems are not returned, so keep copies if you submit through the Post Office Box! Poems considered for a given issue are generally collected during the previous calendar quarter. Send only one set of at most six (6) poems per calendar quarter. Payment is in one copy of the CQ and all rights remain with the poet. If mailing, send poetry submissions to:

CQ Editors

Post Office Box 4288
Sunland, California 91041


For the Submittable service, the instructions for the file name and contact information are slightly different. Submit 1-6 poems in a single .doc or .docx file labeled with Poet Last Name, Poet First Name, Number of Poems, and Date Submitted.

Each poetry page in the file should start with a header containing the following poet information: Name (last name, then first name), Mailing Address, Email Address, Telephone, and Date Submitted. A poem's title should appear at the top of each page of the poem.

Notification is in 3-5 months. Payment is one copy of the CQ and all rights remain with the poet.

To use the Submittable service, click this link: Submittable.


CQ welcomes submissions of unpublished original art for its covers. Submit the art as a JPEG attachment with a resolution of 300 dots/inch or better to print an image 5” high x 3.75” wide, one image at a time. CSPS reserves the right to post selected artwork on its website. Submissions can be made through this page of the website or as attachments to emails to the Chair - Art Panel link on the Contact Us page.

Order extra or sample copies of the CQ through the CQs page on this website or send $10/copy to:

CSPS Vice President/Membership
2560 Calabria Court
Dublin, California 94568




The CSPS Poetry Letter is a venue for previously published or award-winning poems that otherwise might not see re-publication, as there are generally restrictions on previously published works in the poetry world. When you submit for the CSPS Poetry Letter, please include your contact information, as well as the name of the publication in which the poem first appeared or the name of the contest and the award it received, and the date of the poem's appearance or award.

Send your Poetry Letter submissions as attachments to an email addressed to the Editor - Poetry Letter link on the Contact Us page.

You may also mail your submissions to:

CSPS Poetry Letter Editor

Post Office Box 4288
Sunland, California 91041

CQ Submission Instructions

CQ Submissions for the first number/issue of each volume/year of the California Quarterly are accepted October through December of the previous year; submissions for the second number/issue are accepted January through March; for the third number/issue, April through June; and for the forth number/issue, July through September. And then, of course, we begin all over again with the next volume.

We do not accept more than one submission of poems in each quarter, so be careful as you assemble your poems for the CQ not to do it more often than every three months or so.

The name of your (single) file should be the two-digit year and month (YYMM) in which you upload it, followed by "_CQ_" then your last name,"_" and your given name - all without any spaces in it (just underscores - for example, "1507_CQ_Smith_John" would be the title of a file of poems John Smith submitted for the CQ in July of 2015).

Your name, address, telephone number, and email address should be on each page of the file you are submitting, with the titles of the poems you are submitting on the first page and the poems on the succeeding pages, Each poem should begin at the top of a page.

Please make sure your file name has no spaces in it. Our Linux website doesn't like spaces in . . . anything, actually. We accept .docx, .doc, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, and .txt files.

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